The Essential Questions


As we emerge from the most divisive US Presidential election in generations, three essential questions demand our attention: 1. What does the election result mean for the economy? 2. What does the... Continue

The Stories We Tell


In Salman Rushdie’s novel, “Haroun and the Sea of Stories,” a small boy, his father, and a band of unusual characters strive to save the mythic Sea of Stories from destruction by... Continue

The Businessman


I had a most unusual conversation the other day. In the wee hours of morning, in a darkened coffee shop, a man sat off in the corner, no coffee, no scones, just an intense visage and furrowed brow.... Continue

I Live In a Land


In 1855, Walt Whitman—America’s “First Poet”—published Leaves of Grass, a collection of 12 poems about the landscape of his inner feelings and thoughts as projected on a still young... Continue

No Better Place, No Better Time


Last week, a letter in the Wall Street Journal claimed that Americans would be foolish to start a business today because the government has been destroying the incentive to build a successful... Continue

On the Cattle Trail


In Colorado, a conversation with a stranger can quickly turn into a nostalgic journey, particularly when speaking with someone whose family has been in the area for at least three generations. If so,... Continue