Guiding Principles for Effective Stewards


The libertarian in us would like to believe that all industries—including the nonprofit sector—can reliably self-regulate. In our regard for individual responsibility, we expect that... Continue

For Loan Oft Loses Both Itself and Friend


Many of us first encountered the word “covenant” in the Old Testament story of the bond forged between God and Abraham and his descendants. In the context of faith, “covenant” conveys a... Continue

Beware the Financial-Industrial Complex


Three days before the end of his term as President, Dwight D. Eisenhower—Republican, architect of D-Day, and senior military officer for the United States in the closing years of WWII—gave the... Continue

The Past Does Not Predict the Future


Four-year-olds are prone to asking, “Why?” Why does the sun set? Why does the car need gas? Why does the canoe float? Why did God create the animals? Why do I need to go to bed? As we age, these... Continue

Slow Money


Let’s talk about Slow Food. No, not escargot or turtle soup. Slow Food is a movement and an organization (see, the mission of which is “to defend biodiversity in our food... Continue

Poetic License


We understand that luminaries of the Great Recession recently gathered for a discreet poetry slam at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. This invitation-only event was intended to serve as an... Continue