Thank You, Shanghai


Thirty years ago, Shanghai was a quiet city. Occasionally, a truck would trundle down the somber, hand-swept streets, though most goods were transported by handcart or heavy steel-framed bicycles.... Continue

Bad Capitalists?


Are Americans bad capitalists? As we confront the consequences of an unsustainable economic model, it’s a question we must consider. Bad capitalists: · misallocate assets · lock... Continue

(Good) Governance


If one were to pick a single word to capture the essence of the 1960’s, it might be “ferment,” or “struggle.” The 1970’s could be embodied by “malaise” or “despair”. For the... Continue

Guiding Principles for Effective Stewards


The libertarian in us would like to believe that all industries—including the nonprofit sector—can reliably self-regulate. In our regard for individual responsibility, we expect that... Continue

Beware the Financial-Industrial Complex


Three days before the end of his term as President, Dwight D. Eisenhower—Republican, architect of D-Day, and senior military officer for the United States in the closing years of WWII—gave the... Continue

No Nonprofit is an Island


While Catholic theologian, Thomas Merton, long argued that “no man is an island,” many of us retreat into a relatively solitary world when life becomes most difficult. For some, the isolation is... Continue