Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Capital Markets


There was a knock on the door of 221B Baker Street, where the nameplate above the buzzer read “S. Holmes.” A woman opened the door, showing in a sullen, heavily cloaked figure. She was accustomed... Continue

Risky Business


No one can pinpoint the start date, but many experts acknowledge that as of the bust, Volatility had earned the de facto title of America’s Greatest Risk Factor. By the beginning of... Continue

The Great Debate: 3Q2011 vs. 1Q2012


(Patriotic music starts. Camera pans audience of diverse college students, respectable elderly, and concerned baby boomers. People cheer and clap as they watch themselves on the screen above the... Continue

Sub-Standard & Poorly


Yesterday’s Syntrinsic Commentary spoke to the larger implications of an unsustainable approach to capitalism, specifically, capitalism that requires inexhaustible credit to function. Today, as... Continue

Thirty Years


Thirty years. An eternity really. Yet something those charged with predicting the future—investment analysts, ecologists, political scientists, pension stewards—must be prepared to anticipate. To... Continue

Shocked, Just Shocked


Much has been made of WikiLeaks’ recent release of previously confidential diplomatic cables. The world was shocked—just shocked—to learn that there is tension between Sunni and Shia in the... Continue