The Social (In)justice of Our Debt


Sixteen trillion. 16,000,000,000,000. Start with one million. Multiply it one thousand times. Then times one thousand more. Then times sixteen. Stick a “$” in the front and you have the... Continue

The Businessman


I had a most unusual conversation the other day. In the wee hours of morning, in a darkened coffee shop, a man sat off in the corner, no coffee, no scones, just an intense visage and furrowed brow.... Continue

(Good) Governance


If one were to pick a single word to capture the essence of the 1960’s, it might be “ferment,” or “struggle.” The 1970’s could be embodied by “malaise” or “despair”. For the... Continue

Syntrinsic’s State of the Union


On Tuesday, President Obama presented his State of the Union address as required by the Constitution. Immediately following, Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin, offered the Republican response. We... Continue

The New Philanthropic Normal


One of life’s mysteries is how and why donors give money. In the eyes of many, philanthropists and foundations remain elusive givers or deniers of financial sustenance. As these donors go, so go... Continue

Guiding Principles for Effective Stewards


The libertarian in us would like to believe that all industries—including the nonprofit sector—can reliably self-regulate. In our regard for individual responsibility, we expect that... Continue