Research Section


A new section of our website is dedicated to sharing Syntrinsic Research Group’s latest publications. Research Syntrinsic Research strives to analyze the complex relationships between... Continue

Bad Capitalists?


Are Americans bad capitalists? As we confront the consequences of an unsustainable economic model, it’s a question we must consider. Bad capitalists: · misallocate assets · lock... Continue

No Nonprofit is an Island


While Catholic theologian, Thomas Merton, long argued that “no man is an island,” many of us retreat into a relatively solitary world when life becomes most difficult. For some, the isolation is... Continue

The Debts We Choose


Memorial Day ushers in summer, opens neighborhood pools, instigates block parties, and says farewell (hopefully) to May’s mayhem. It also serves as an important opportunity to explore the meaning... Continue

An Interview with Robinson Crusoe


Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe is set in the last half of the 17th century. An Englishman’s ship runs aground in the Caribbean; all hands are lost, save Robinson. He finds himself on a deserted... Continue

The Coyotes Among Us


According to Colorado naturalist Ashley DeLaup, once you feed a wild animal—say, a coyote—you do not earn its loyalty, friendship or deep appreciation. Rather, the wild animal comes to see you... Continue