Sub-Standard & Poorly


Yesterday’s Syntrinsic Commentary spoke to the larger implications of an unsustainable approach to capitalism, specifically, capitalism that requires inexhaustible credit to function. Today, as... Continue

Bad Capitalists?


Are Americans bad capitalists? As we confront the consequences of an unsustainable economic model, it’s a question we must consider. Bad capitalists: · misallocate assets · lock... Continue

The Businessman


I had a most unusual conversation the other day. In the wee hours of morning, in a darkened coffee shop, a man sat off in the corner, no coffee, no scones, just an intense visage and furrowed brow.... Continue

No Better Place, No Better Time


Last week, a letter in the Wall Street Journal claimed that Americans would be foolish to start a business today because the government has been destroying the incentive to build a successful... Continue

American Parent


We often wonder what it might be like to be a parent in different locations or points in time. Take Gaza for example. Set aside any political or religious differences as best you can. Imagine for a... Continue

On the Cattle Trail


In Colorado, a conversation with a stranger can quickly turn into a nostalgic journey, particularly when speaking with someone whose family has been in the area for at least three generations. If so,... Continue