The New Philanthropic Normal


One of life’s mysteries is how and why donors give money. In the eyes of many, philanthropists and foundations remain elusive givers or deniers of financial sustenance. As these donors go, so go... Continue

Letters from the Future


Imagine receiving the following letter from the Internal Revenue Service: ********************************************************** To: The _________________ Family From: The United States Internal... Continue

Next Door


Two years ago, a homeowner from the former Motor City described watering and mowing the lawn of an abandoned home next door. She hoped to keep out potential trespassers, preserve the value of her... Continue

On the Cattle Trail


In Colorado, a conversation with a stranger can quickly turn into a nostalgic journey, particularly when speaking with someone whose family has been in the area for at least three generations. If so,... Continue

My Kingdom for a Treasurer!


In a literary reference often overlooked by high school English teachers, Shakespeare’s King Richard called out “A Treasurer! A Treasurer! My Kingdom for a Treasurer!” just moments before he... Continue

No Nonprofit is an Island


While Catholic theologian, Thomas Merton, long argued that “no man is an island,” many of us retreat into a relatively solitary world when life becomes most difficult. For some, the isolation is... Continue