As a Registered Investment Adviser (“RIA”), Syntrinsic is federally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) under the 1940 Investment Adviser Act. As an Investment Adviser under the 1940 Act, Syntrinsic is required to provide its clients:

  • Utmost loyalty and good faith
  • Full disclosure of all material facts and potential conflicts of interest
  • Advice suitable for the client
  • The exercise of reasonable care in avoiding mistakes

Syntrinsic accepts fiduciary responsibility consistent with the Federal and State securities laws applying to Registered Investment Advisers. Please find our current Form ADV on the SEC adviser search website.


Syntrinsic is 100% employee owned. As such, we are not motivated by meeting the needs of outside investors whose objectives may not be so well aligned with our clients. Syntrinsic is not affiliated with any bank, broker-dealer, trust company, insurance company, or money management firm.