Jennifer Magarelli, Consultant

Jennifer Magarelli serves as a Consultant, drawing upon a deep understanding of client’s unique needs to deliver a high level of service. Jennifer came to Syntrinsic after spending time with financial technology, municipal bond portfolio management, and wealth management.

Prior to joining Syntrinsic, Jennifer was at Trust Company of America where she partnered with financial advisors, assisting them with converting client accounts to another custodian. Jennifer effectively trained the advisors to use the custodian’s technology software and helped their teams streamline internal processes. As an associate portfolio manager at Alliance Bernstein, Jennifer managed over 300 private client municipal bond accounts. She actively monitored security weights to benchmarks and targets, identifying and acting upon deviations.

Jennifer graduated magna cum laude from Roger Williams University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance from the Gabelli School of Business. Jennifer also served as a University Ambassador, assisting the University President and Board with the design and execution of events. She has earned her Series 65 through FINRA.

Jennifer and her husband moved to Colorado in 2014 from New York City to enjoy skiing and hiking in the mountains. Jennifer believes deeply in the importance of community service. She is an Associate Board member of Bright By Three and looking to join other local non-profits organizations.

Jennifer’s Story

My father was my most trusted advisor, always encouraging me to be my best and reprimanding me when I fell short. What I didn’t know until till he passed is that he touched the lives of hundreds, inspiring all those he knew with his favorite saying “Good, better, best, never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best”.

As friends and colleagues came to pay their respects, they greeted me and shared stories which made me laugh, and a few which made me cry. I heard multiple times that day “Your father was the greatest man, he taught me this, he taught me that”, “Your father gave my company a break when we needed it most”, “Because of your father, I am a successful person, he taught me everything I know”.

It was incredible to discover that I was not the only one often seeking his counsel when faced with making a difficult decision or when in need of some level-headed, objective advice. I learned that my father relished the opportunity to lend a helpful hand, no matter the task, and this is something I challenge myself to do as well. As I look forward in my life and my career, I strive to be a teacher, a listener and a trusted friend.

The legacy of my father’s leadership and contributions leaves an incredible mark that guides me today and will continue for many, many years to come.