Philanthropic Private Clients

Philanthropic private clients often have complex financial situations. Syntrinsic is experienced in serving philanthropic private clients who possess trusts, partnerships, private investment accounts, and charitable giving vehicles with distinct time horizons, risk profiles, withdrawal rates and tax treatment. This guidance provides our clients with effective stewardship of their private assets in addition to their charitable assets.

Advisor Collaboration

Our private clients generally engage trusted legal, tax, estate planning and philanthropic advisors, relying on their expertise to develop a holistic approach to stewarding their wealth. Syntrinsic collaborates with these advisors to provide basic information about holdings and transactions as well as more strategic input on the settlement of estates, conversion of assets and implementation of estate plans.

Institutional Pricing, Access and Research

Syntrinsic’s private clients benefit from the research, manager access and pricing that Syntrinsic secures for its institutional clients. We provide private clients with access to the independent, conflict-free, cost-effective structure that sophisticated institutions demand and private clients deserve but rarely receive.

Understanding of Family Dynamics

Syntrinsic understands that philanthropic private clients often manage intergenerational concerns, dynamics of blended families, conflicting financial objectives and varied levels of knowledge about or engagement in financially related decisions. Rather than using these challenges as an excuse to avoid difficult conversations, Syntrinsic embraces our role as facilitator and impartial guide, providing education, clarity and direction as appropriate. Many families manage wealth well and we strive to draw lessons from their experiences and share those with our clients.