Public Charities

Public charities across a wide array of sectors rely on Syntrinsic to help them align their financial management strategy with their mission. We help clients develop an integrated approach to managing endowed funds, long-term and near-term reserves, and restricted funds with unique characteristics.


Syntrinsic does not believe in a single “endowment model.” Because each nonprofit business is unique, each endowment possesses distinct pressures and objectives that demand a customized approach. We invest considerable time clarifying the relationship between endowment funds and the larger business mission and operations. By developing a more refined understanding of that relationship, Syntrinsic can custom-tailor asset allocation and manager recommendations to each client.


Often, reserves are comingled with or treated as endowed funds, exposing them to far more risk than is appropriate. Other times, reserves are held in cash to avoid risk, yet fail to keep pace with inflation–a process that inadvertently imperils reserve funds in the quest for yield. Syntrinsic has established a process to help public charities develop policies and strategies for long-term, near-term, and short-term reserves. This unique approach enables boards, committees and staff to better track their flows of funds and maximize their investments’ efficiency.

Nonprofit Pension Plans

In select cases, Syntrinsic advises the pension plans of secular and faith-based public charity clients by serving as co-fiduciaries with the board. We can work with nearly any retirement fund platform, and will facilitate the search for a new platform if one is needed. In an industry sector that is fraught with hidden fees and conflicted relationships, Syntrinsic brings an, objective perspective and transparent fee structure, so that the organization and its employees can be confident that their needs are being met first and foremost. Equally important, our team of experts provides a unique level of care to plan participants, committing our time and energy to assisting those employees who have devoted their lives to service and deserve good advice.