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We work with nonprofits and charitable-minded private clients.
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Finally, an advisor who gets your issues.

Our clients include public and private foundations, public charities, independent schools, religious-affiliated groups and private clients interested in using assets for good & for growth.

If you want to do well to do good, let’s talk.

Our unique focus means we are set up to help with more than basic investment strategy.

We’ve been there, seen that — and are happy to share.

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The Basics


$1.6 Billion Assets Under Management

Clients Nationwide

1/2 Private Clients. 1/2 Nonprofits

How We Help Beyond Investing

Our unique set of clients need more than abstract investment advice. You need help being an excellent steward of assets for others. So we built a client-focused business that helps with all of it. 

Considering an Endowment

Get insights on how to best grow your nonprofit. Benefit from our experience with many organizations.

Donor Education

Your major donors need to know you are a good steward of their funds. We can arm you with talking points and confidence.

Family Conversations

It’s not easy to agree on how to use family assets. We are experts at sheparding successful conversations to align generations and perspectives.


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