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For Foundations, Endowments, Nonprofits,

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Over the past twenty years, our team has found it critical to build portfolios with the right characteristics for the investor’s long-term objectives; then, when heightened volatility caused by Coronavirus, Brexit, housing defaults, or other crises affects the markets, discipline and measured responses are the most effective tools.

We’re a different kind of investment firm.

We’re built to fully support investing strategy and implementation for foundations, endowments, nonprofits, and mission-driven families.

Do more. Do well. We’ll help.

Built for you

A relationship-based, full-spectrum approach advising on all your investment concerns.



We don’t sell products or accept any revenue from managers.  We share fiduciary responsibility.

Strong Process

In-house research. Rigorous, open-universe manager evaluation. Crystal clear reporting. Serious process for serious confidence.


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Do more. Do well. We’ll help.

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