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We work with nonprofits and charitable-minded private clients.
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Purpose and Values


Syntrinsic is co-creating a sustainable and generative world that empowers all people through providing investment advice and strategic consulting to nonprofit organizations.


Syntrinsic strives to empower all people because we believe that all people are worth empowering. Empowered people are healthy, generative, collaborative, and capable of fostering sustainable, cohesive communities that in turn empower others. Thoughtfully done, empowering people today empowers future generations as well. 

To that end, Syntrinsic enlists competent, capable people who serve with intensity. Given that society today is far from what we believe society can be, we approach our work with urgency and drive, thinking more creatively, caring a little more, doing what we can to move ourselves and our community forward.

We empower by earning trust; to earn trust, we prove ourselves dependable partners who are at our best when situations get more difficult. We own our responsibilities and are accountable for fulfilling them regardless of obstacles.

To make a meaningful difference in a rapidly changing world, we innovate. We develop fresh ways of addressing business, social, and financial challenges in order to build a stronger company in a more generative world. 

Knowing that alone we cannot fulfill our purpose, we take initiative to build relationships, identify and solve problems, communicate needs, implement changes. Syntrinsic does not wait. Our work is too important. Because Syntrinsic strives to empower all people.


“Syntrinsic” represents the blend of “synergy” and “intrinsic.” We believe that each person possesses intrinsic value and that all elements of one’s identity contribute to that value. We also know that creating a culture that invites people to fully engage with their authentic selves generates synergy that leads to more meaningful, satisfying, and effective collaboration. Thus, whether working together internally or in partnership with our clients and colleagues, Syntrinsic’s conscious awareness of diversity enhances the quality of our care.


Syntrinsic always seeks to identify the best person for the job AND to intentionally curate a diverse team. We see these objectives as complementary and of shared importance because we have found internally and with our clients that a diverse team and an inclusive environment generally leads to better investment decision-making and stronger long-term results.

Outside of race and ethnic diversity, which are more apparent, we intentionally do not ask potential employees about their faith, socioeconomic background, disabilities, sexual orientation, or gender identity out of respect for their privacy and freedom to self-identify and self-disclose. Instead, we strive to create an inclusive environment where people with diverse backgrounds feel respected and have a sense of belonging, where they can bring their full selves to the table.

Our quest for diversity within Syntrinsic has been a journey. We intentionally strive to identify candidates from under-represented backgrounds in the finance industry; as such, we devote the resources necessary to consistently identify, evaluate, and hire nontraditional candidates as we seek to build a team worthy of our clients’ confidence.


Syntrinsic serves as investment advisor and strategic consultant to private foundations, public charities, community foundations, and other investors around the country committed to using their resources for good.


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Beyond Investing

Syntrinsic leverages over 60 years of nonprofit leadership experience to be more than just an investment advisor. We partner with our clients at the intersection of mission, business model, strategic plan, and financial resources.

Strategic Consulting

We advise many clients on diverse issues such as strategic planning, governance, financial modeling, and policies and procedures, recognizing that investment advice is more relevant when part of a larger context.

Donor Relations

We partner with public charities and community foundations to retain, grow, and attract major donors by developing investment and communication strategies that foster donor confidence.

Stakeholder Education

Syntrinsic has found that empowered investors make better decisions. We build education into our research and recommendations, into client meetings, and into one-off engagements with donors, boards, committees, and other stakeholders.

Operational Support

Our dedicated associates provide concierge-level care for our clients by streamlining administrative and operational tasks, providing unusually transparent reporting, and facilitating our secure online client portal.

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