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Decisions, Decisions

“The most informed investors intentionally seek out opposing views and conflicting data sets to incorporate into their decision-making process.” As a global community, people are struggling to access, process, and use data effectively to make good decisions. Bombarded...

The Next Recession

In July, Syntrinsic released our Semiannual Sentiment, identifying key themes that we and many others anticipate will continue to be key drivers of short-term market movements. Slower growth. Weak Inflation. Trade uncertainty....

Gary Sanchez Joins Syntrinsic as VP, Consultant

Gary J Sanchez has joined Syntrinsic Investment Counsel as VP, Consultant. He'll focus on advising institutional and private clients. A third-generation Colorado resident, Sanchez grew up in the Globeville and Sunnyside neighborhoods of Denver, both known as...

2019 First Quarter Commentary

Global equities are off to their best start in over 20 years, serving as a reminder that fundamentals matter and market timing a thoughtful and high-quality strategy can be more dangerous than volatility itself.

Impact of Partial Federal Shutdown on U.S. Economy is Limited: CBO and Syntrinsic Agreed

Painful as the shutdown has been, the more serious issues lie in growing deficits and uncertainty about trade.

Year-End Reflection 2018

Volatility such as we have seen in the 4th quarter is no reason in itself to make wholesale changes to a well-planned investment strategy.

Market Timing Volatility: More Dangerous than Volatility Itself

What has fundamentally changed in just the last few weeks to justify this market sell-off?

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2019 Semiannual Sentiment

2019 Capital Markets Forecast

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2018 Capital Markets Forecast

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